Tasnim Nahar Samantha
“It’s been about a month since I have joined HELP THE FUTURE as a campus ambassador in order to improve myself. So far my experience has been great . I have worked on a task on making a portfolio for the organization and the experience was pleasant. I’m looking forward to more tasks and projects.”

Hoawa Akhter Brishty
“It makes me feel so grateful and overwhelmed by work with HTF ,an amazing team, as a campus ambassador.”

Nusrat Bintey Matin

Help The Future’s Campus Ambassador experience is splendid. I have gained many new and notable experiences from the HTF. Overall, this is a great experience so far, and thanks to HTF for giving me this opportunity to help people who need help the most. I’m looking for more significant experiences with Help The Future.

Raisa Musharrat Hossain
“Working with HTF has been a spectacular experience for me. I have learned a lot of thing so far and got many opportunities to explore my passion and creativity. I also got to meet and interact with a lot of incredible people and it has truly been and continues to be an amazing journey. “

Anika Tasnim

I found HTF when I was looking for a place where I can stand by people as well as where I will be able to prove myself. Though till now it’s not a long journey for me with HTF, I really feel great about the initiatives of HTF. They love to make people smile. HTF values each and every member’s opinion. It gives equal opportunity to everyone to prove themselves. I hope and will love to be a part of all the good works that will be done by HTF. I feel great about being part.

Esrat Esha

Had a great time while working with HTF!Their working method and generosity are something worth praising! Best of luck to our team.

Sadik Mahmud

I’ve found HTF to be a great place where I can stand by people as well as prove myself. Though it’s not been long, the time that I’ve spent here has really made me feel good about what they do for their members and how much value they put on each person’s opinion. It gives equal opportunity to everyone who wants an outlet or something else – there are plenty of ways you can find success with this company! And being part of everything is such an amazing feeling too- so thank you again from my heart.”

Ayesha Khatun

“HTF has given me opportunities to make an impact and has truly augmented my competency. It has
helped me hone my communication skills and teamwork skills.”

Huzaifa Saoman Zarif

“The short amount of time I was able to spend with HTF was immensely exiting and
rewarding. I learned the significance of leadership and working as a team.”

Jannatul Ferdous

“I came here to learn a lot from others and I I actually did. I never thought I would
learn so much From HTF.”